• How to Be Awesome

    How to Be Awesome

    This graph says it all, doesn’t it? If you want to be the next Taylor Swift or the next Louis CK or the next Leonardo DiCaprio then you are going to have to crank your commitment level up as high as it will go. Anything less and you will have doomed yourself to being like that one special auditioner for American Idol – the one we laugh really hard at. This is especially important in improv where we are constantly putting ourselves into situations where the chances of looking like a dork are quite high unless we fully commit to the scene and our partners. So, the next time you go to see a live improv show, whether it’s at Chaos Comedy or National Comedy Theatre or The Torch Theatre or Jesterz, please take note of any scene or game that isn’t quite so successful and chances are that one or more of the players in that scene / game are not as committed as they should be. That’s a shame because getting the chance to be awesome on stage is . . . well, awesome!


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