How was it? Horrible – yeah of course it was – that’s exactly what failure is supposed to taste like – horrible.

    “Improv is an art form based on failure”, so we the few, the brave, the improvisers, MUST learn to celebrate failure for everything that it can do for us. That’s right – when you go to see an improv show at Chaos Comedy or The Torch Theatre, you are watching people who are failing and loving it, or at least learning to like it.

    The idea of celebrating failure in improv creates a safe place where you aren’t constantly critiquing your ideas because the “success” of those ideas is ultimately irrelevant. It encourages bold moves made out of creativity and love rather than obligation and fear. It lets you take big risks because you will have a soft place to land if those risks do not pan out. And they often – very often – do not pan out, even for veteran improvisers at Chaos Comedy or Jesterz. HOORAY!!

    What if we all applied the philosophy of “celebrating failure” to our everyday lives? How much more free and creative and engaged would we feel? How many more amazing and successful ideas would climb out of the big pile of failure that we have been joyfully creating? In my mind the answer to those questions is better improv here at Chaos Comedy or National Comedy Theatre, better relationships, a better USA, and a better world. Can that really happen? Let’s go dine on failure and find out!!


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