• What the heck is Medium Form Improv?!?

    What the heck is Medium Form Improv?!?

    Le Short Form and La Long Form

    In the weird and delightful world of improv, there are two major categories of improv: short form and long form. What’s the difference? Well, if improv were a Jim Carrey movie then short form would be Ace Ventura and long form would be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If improv were a novel, then short form would be The Hunger Games and long form would be The Great Gatsby. If improv were a hip hop artist, then short form would be Eminem and long form would be Aesop Rock. So basically they are two completely different styles and attitudes toward improv comedy with short form aiming for games and jokes and commercial appeal while long form concerns itself more with scenes and relationships and artistic growth.

    Which style of improv does Chaos Comedy practice? Short form or long form? How about neither and both? Cheeky! I know! I know! Chaos Comedy prefers to have its improv cake and eat it too – we like to play improv games that are made to be funny but that are also scenic in nature and give us a chance to create awesome characters and relationships. We call it medium form! And we love it and we hope that you will come out to see a Chaos Comedy show soon so you can love medium form too!

    Chaos Comedy performs every Saturday night at 7PM with our patented medium form so make sure that you call 480-313-9901 or buy your tickets here!


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