• Reasons To See An Improv Show!

    Reasons To See An Improv Show!

    Leeann Dearing here, with the top five reasons to see an IMPROV show in Phoenix tonight!

    1) It’s better than anything on TV. (Except for maybe ”Dancing With The Stars“. Celebs expressing themselves through the art of dance? That’s straight up inspiring.)

    2) After the show, you can hang with the improv players. And touch them. And smell their hair when they aren’t looking?

    3) We ask YOU for suggestions. Meaning, you get to watch scenes that you helped create. You friggen genius, you.

    4) You’re supporting the Phoenix arts community. This means you get to feel smug and superior.

    5) You MIGHT be watching the next (undiscovered) Tina Fey. The Improv stage is where lots of stars get their start.

    So think about it…An Improv show is the most logical Saturday night destination.

    Check out Chaos Comedy Improv at 7pm & 9pm.

    Call in and get your tickets at 480-313-9901. See you at the show!

  • Posted by Hani Saigh on May 15, 2013 at 6:15 am

    Uh, Im Soooo in love with this article I'm afraid to touch it or optimize it. It's actually just perfect and I don't want to change even a space between the words or correct the obvious punctuation errors that typically nag me until I've edited it beyond recognition. I just want to smell This articles hair from Afar. It's brilliant u friggin genius u. And yes people, a Chaos show is all the above and much much much more... Drag your kids down there the next time they flip the tv on!!! You'll love yourself for it and get to feel all smug to boot.


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